Saturday, February 10, 2007

Katra to Buriganga on 09 Feb 2007

Katra entrance - north view

Katra entrance - closeup of arch

south view towards river

View of Chawk Masjid Minaret from Katra gate

Chawk central building - Masjid on west

Mughal-tuli Imamganj road

Dumpyard in narrow alley

Little boy enjoying sugarcane juice (Tk. 5/- a glass)

Billboard for Mughlai dishes

Swarighat river bank

River crafts racing away on river Buriganga

for 'Katra' history see: Mughal Katras (CaravanSarai) ;


Anonymous said...

nice one!

Mamunur said...

Sometimes I feel like leave this materialistic world (New York) and just rent one of those old small building apt and forget the world. I guess it will always be a dream...:) Everytime I see old structures, I feel time touching me with it's magic.