Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ekushay Book Fair 2007 at Bangla Academy, Dhaka

On roller skates

On the way to Book Fair

Mural works on Bangla Academy walls

Long queue of visitors

Exit gate

Busts of the martyrs of language movement 1952

Popcorn corner

Sketch in 5 minutes for Tk.20/-

Decorative works of stalls still on

Central place

'Aj Himur Biye' taken to stall by head load

Marriage scene of Humayun Ahmed's fictional character 'Himu' with 'Himi' at 'Onnoprokash' stall on Feb 02

TMC Centre

Sunset view over Atomic Energy Commission office

The Amar Ekushey Book Fair which has become a part of Bengali culture and tradition is arranged every year since 1972 in observance of the Amar Ekushey (Feb 21st, now International Mother Language Day), got off in the Bangla Academy premises in the city on February 1st amid festivity and enthusiasm.

Soon after the inauguration by the Chief Advisor of the Caretaker Government, people in large number thronged the Fair venue. Law enforcers searched the visitors with metal detectors before allowing them to enter the venue through the only entrance.

However, many stall owners were still busy with decorating their stalls on the second day of the fair. They were unhappy about the single entry point, having two archways.

Humayun Ahmed’sAj Himur Biye” published by ‘Onnoprokash’ was sold in the fair with a sensation of fanfare, singing and dancing and 'mock marriage' that attracted a large crowd.


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