Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dhaka city's Waterspots

Dhanmandi lake- north view

foot bridge Dhanmondi lake

Dhanmondi lake

Dhanmondi lake boat house

Dhanmondi lake kiosk

Ramna lake

pond ghat

Water tank FH Hall, Dhaka university

Bridge on crescent lake - night view

Crescent lake, SB Nagar

MP hostel pool, SB Nagar

Parliament building water pool, SB Nagar

Pool near PM residence, SB Nagar

road submerged by rain

Crescent Lake, SB Nagar

Gulshan Lake---------------------Uttara lake (below)

Water pool - National Monument, Savar

Zoological garden lake, Mirpur

boys of Buriganga river

Buriganga river


Shireen said...

Amazing photography! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thank you !!

Your pictures of have given me immense pleasure and delight.

I will proudly direct my family and friends to your excellent presentation.

Phoenix, AZ



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