Friday, April 20, 2007

Photos used by other Websites- An Humble Request

Dear fellow Bloggers,
Photos shot exclusively for this blog site “Dhaka” are being reproduced by other websites on regular basis.
While this website doesn't prevent anyone to download/ save or reproduce its photo/images for their use in other sites, but expects 'credit for photo’ posted in their site mentioning name/ or link of this blog.
This will encourage me to continue my humble effort to project Dhaka city in pictures and benefit both...Thanks!
--Ershad Ahmed


Anonymous said...

I agree.It’s highly improper to use others material without acknowledging the source. Well-done Ershad.

Anonymous said...

Ershad, I must apologize. I have posted some photos from here in another site. My intention was to show Dhaka to the rest of the world. I do understand about giving credits. Thank you for the reminder.

Ershad Ahmed said...

Never mind, thanks. I am happy you take interest in my blog.

Anonymous said...

take interest? mean being addicted...I keep checking your blog everyday for updates and photos. You are amazing at capturing the perfect shot. Thanks again for always delivering all the requests that I make. Great work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ershad

Yes INDEED YOU MUST BE CREDITED FOR PICTURES USED FROM YOUR BLOG! I have been a big fan of your blog for a few years now and i must say there is not a blog of its kind any where! SO PLEASE PEOPLE I HUMBLY REQUEST YOU CREDIT MR Ershad Ahmed on any pictures you use...He deserves all the credit.

All the best