Saturday, April 21, 2007

Skyline - Shahbagh north and west

North east view from Shahbagh, Tower of Bangladesh Radio (old)

Red Crescent building, Ladies Club on left

North view over the roof of Hotel Sheraton

PriyoPrangon, Walso Tower & Concord Tower on Kazi Nazrul Islam Ave.

PG Hospital building, west view from Shahbagh

National Museum & IPGMR - south west view

Dhaka University Halls and Nilkhet area

Hotel Sheraton on Minto road


Anonymous said...

nice photos! Dhaka is so densed! Kakrail/Shantinagar area must be the most densed.

ershad ahmed said...

yes, endless haphazard construction with little space in between. Developers quick money making schemes will soon make areas of Dhaka unfit for living.