Thursday, April 12, 2007

Skyline: Gulshan 2

View of Baridhara and Basundhara -Apollo Hospital at rear

Baridhara - Mariam tower in the middle

Mohakhali skyline - from Gulshan 2

Banani skyline - at Kamal Ataturk Avenue

North view from Gulshan 2

South view from Gulshan 2

Gulshan 2 circle

North west view from Gulshan 2

Gulshan area - south east view

North view - Hotel Radisson at far north

South east view from Gulshan 2

Road from Gulshan 2 leading to Bishwa road, Baridhara

For more pictures of Gulshan-2, and Dhaka skyline:
Gulshan - 2


Anonymous said...

great photos! Would love to see some Motijheel, Kawran Bazar, Kakrail, Shantinagar skyline photos.

Tawfik said...

awesome photos indeed! I have been checking the blog every day since I discovered it :P

May I make a recommendation to also include a weather shot of the day? Just to keep a record of how the weather has been through the days of the year :) (i admit taking a weather shot is gonna be difficult :P)

Anonymous said...

On the "Mohakhali Skyline" pictures. Are those buildings really that blue? What are those?

Ershad Ahmed said...

Deep blue and green glass walls are profusely used now in high rise buildings in Dhaka.