Saturday, April 14, 2007

Happy Bengali New Year 1414 - Jubilation, fair & gatherings

'Shubho Nabo-barsho' - with one day 'Panta-Ilish - Shutki and Pitha'

Jam packed Shahbagh area, Ramna

Taking rest near Hotel Sheraton, Shahbagh

Painting national emblem on cheek (Tk. 20/- to 50/-)

A hot day...

Shahbagh avenue

Haat pakha) Hand-fan made from palm leaf (Tk. 30/- a piece av.)

Monkey business

Army patrol

Local handicrafts on sale

'Katkati or Muruli'- a kind of sweet sticks since old times

New products on sale

Flower shops

Posing for photos

Art Institute- happy to be here

'Institute of Fine Arts'- front side (east)
Art Institute- Gallery hall
north of Art Institute

rush at Art Institute

south of Art Institute

'Mongol' (good luck) symbols for this year to lead procession

'Chorki'- local form of 'Merry-Go-Round' - ladies' favourite
social exchange in the compond of Art Institute

Ditch behind (west) the Art Institute - a cosy place for some
Stairs of National Public Library, Shahbagh

Monkey earns money for the master

Return from Ramna - Shahbagh towards Banglamotor


Anonymous said...

Day by day, looks of Dhaka are getting better and better...its a mammoth crowd, and heartening that more ladies participating in outdoor functions. Thanks Ershad for posting their colourful photos.

Shireen said...

What lovely picts! Thanks!


Md. Mohataz Hossain Tofa said...

i enjoy the pohela baishakh every year. but havnt noticed all the variety of activity at a time. realy nice pictures sir.