Monday, May 21, 2007

Manik Mia Avenue and around

Birds of different feather exchange greetings

Asad gate (once Ayub gate) in Mohammadpur

Asad Avenue

Asad Avenue-Mirpur road intersection

Street hawker's market, Manik Mia Ave.

Apartments at Manik Mia Avenue (built for NAM conference)

Parliament building changes colour

Traffic jam

Garments girls' tiffin hour (Textile workers)

One posing for photo


Anika said...

Hi there-
I just stumbled onto your blog after searching for girls' schools currently located in Dhaka for a history paper I am writing (I am writing a research paper on the education of Muslim bhadramahila in the 19th and 20th centuries). Anyway, I've browsed through many of your lovely photos; this is a terrific site! My parents are from Bangladesh, and I've only been there a few times- it's just lovely to see Dhaka like I've never seen it before...

Dalia said...

Great work.