Saturday, May 12, 2007

Crescent Lake in full bloom: 2007

Krishnachura/ Gulmohar: Known as ‘Royal Poinciana’ is a native of Madagascar. It has been described as the most colourful tree and flame of forest. The tree's vivid red/orange flowers and bright green foliage make it an exceptionally striking sight. Every year from April to June the Krishnachura/Gulmohar tree is in full bloom in Bangladesh.

The trees lining along the sides of flamboyant Crescent Lake of Dhaka with the beauty of bright peacock flowers setting the trees on fire is worth a visit.
(more on Crescent lake in: Zia-Uddyan and Dhaka City's Waterspots)


Shireen said...

Amazingly Beautiful, mashaAllah!



Anonymous said...

These pictures remind me of how beautiful Dhaka becomes at this time of the year, the roads filled with red, yellow and violet from the Krishnachuras and Radhachuras... especially around the BUET, and Dhaka University areas (Palashi, Fuller road etc).

saber said...

delightful sight indeed!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm moving to Dhaka in August and will be living in Barhidara. I've never been to Bangladesh before, so I'm very grateful for the insight into this beautiful country that your pictures have given me. Any chance of some photos of the Baridhara area anytime soon? My child will attend AISD, so I expect I'll be living near there somewhere. Thanks again for all the lovely photos!

Anonymous said...

please check section for more pics....glad to hear that you liked bd pics.