Thursday, May 17, 2007

Baridhara to Bashundhara: Res. Area

Cleaning of algae (waterwort) from Baridhara lake

Baridhara park

park pathway

Park: north view

Baridhara park in Diplomatic zone

View of Gulshan-2 from Baridhara park

Lake north

View of United Hospital, Gulshan north

Diplomatic zone road, Baridhara

Embassy bldg

Embassy bldg, Bardhara

Embassy bldg, Baridhara

Nursery, Baridhara

view of Baridhara- north park

Baridhara Apartments

Baridhara apartments, Progoti Sarani/ Biswa Road

Entry passage to Basundhara Residential area, Baridhara

Views of supermarket under construction, Baridhara

Inside Basundhara (Baridhara) Residential area

International School Dhaka at far end

International School Dhaka in Basundhara Res. area

Intl. School Dhaka and part of Apollo hospital, Basundhara R/A

Apollo hospital entry gate

Apollo hospital - west view

Apartments in Basundhara R/A

View from the cabin room of Apollo hospital

Intl. School Dhaka and a Dept store behind

View from inside a Dept. store

International School Dhaka, Basundhara: entry gate


Anonymous said...

wonderful shots,you make dhaka look so nice!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! These are wonderful!

Shireen said...

lovely green pathways

Anonymous said...

you have labelled the International School (ISD) as the American International. They are different, AIS/D is in Baridhara, the newer ISD is in Bashundhara.

Nice pictures anyway. Buriganga next?

ershad ahmed said...

Thanks for correcting me.

Mike said...

I used to live next to AIS/D in Baridhara in the mid 80's. All the change has rendered the place unrecognizable to me, but nice shots all the same.

Anonymous said...

it is really nice presentation and a very good effort. would appreciate if could offer a guidance how and where to find an uptodate road map of housing areas of banai, gulshan, dhanmondi and bashundhara of braidhara project in dhaka. as it is really a pain to find out a specific address in those areas. 14 sep 2010.

Ershad Ahmed said...

Latest Dhaka City guide maps published by The MAPPA'S Ltd. and some other agencies (available in book stores and important road junctions of Gulshan) have road map with plot nos for Dhanmandi, Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, Uttara res area and Motijheel C/A.

Nash said...

Great shots. The image titled Nursery Dhaka is my old residence! Nice to see its still looking good. I went walking along the lake everyday while I lived there. I miss Dhaka at times. hanks for posting :)