Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May day photos: Dhaka

Rickshaws idle in Paribagh

Boys playing cricket at Begunbari swamp

Lone kite on power line

Boys stroll in Hare road

Tk. 120/- for breaking 100 cft chips

Keeping life line alive

Overloaded truck with waste tyres

Running train stops vehicular traffic at Maghbazar rail crossing

Shallow engine boat in Buriganga river

'Ghugni' and 'Jhal moori' for garment workers

Philosophically peaceful life

Disturbed by flies

Mouth watering sweets in Bismillah stores, Uttora

Bamboo decoration pieces at a Gulshan street

Gulshan lake, south

Twilight at Sonargaon intersection

Flames of Krishnachura (GulMohar) flower

Setting sun over Karwan bazar

End of 30 April, 2007

Moon rise for May 2007


Shireen said...

wow, mashaAllah beautiful pictures!
Pari bagh, interesting name! Sad to see the hardworking poor, a common sight in Pakistan too.Makes one think of life, and thank God for all the little mercies He has bestowed upon us.
Photo of the sweet shop is nice too, I think I recognise 'mishti doi' in clay pots! Yummy!
That beautiful 'Krishnachura tree'never forgot those trees!
And the moonlight picture, absolutely gorgeous!
Thank you so much

Anonymous said...

wide range of photos, truly enjoyable!

Anonymous said...

Wow, mashaAllah what spectacular beauty! Krishnachura trees... I often thought about them, and was under the impression that they don't exist anymore in Dhaka. Mr.Ershad, thank you so much for displaying some unique photos in which I got to see the beloved tree of my childhood. I used to live in Dhanmondi, and in those days, the trees in the streets were ablaze with flowers, and what a sight it was...I live in N.Y now for the last 17 years, and get to see so many kinds of flowers including cherry blossoms, but no Krishnachura tree, alas! Thank you for the good job!


Nadera said...

MR. Ershaad,

thank you again for more pictures of Dhanmondi; I would appreciate it very much if you would kindly post a photo of the new Radio Bangladesh in Sonargoan, Dhaka. It holds a lot of memories for me...:)

Anonymous said...

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