Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Area around Lower Courts - Adalat-para, Dhaka

Court's courtyard

Sub Judge and Metropolitan court

Lower courts

Road running south to Pogose school and Shankharibazaar - place for much needed money changers

Dhaka Bar Association office
Lawyer's chambers on upper floors

Court house road st. on west (Adalatpara) - false tooth sellers
Street shoe venders
Dhaka Zilla Board hall

Old 'Mukul' cinema hall (now Azad) on left and once top hotel 'OK Restaurant' on right

Johnson road - Nawabpur road

Laxmibazar road

near Bahadur Shah Park

Bahadur Shah park - east gate

Monument inside park


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot mr. ershad. i passed a lot of time around this place in my young days, it makes me feel homesick.

Anonymous said...

thanks for uploading these picture's ... its been ages havent been to dhaka and my old town city.. feeling refreshing to see these pics or urs! gonna fly back to my city soon :) thanks again , salam....

Anonymous said...

thank you for the picyutres,my family started the OK in the 1930s