Thursday, January 24, 2008

Biswa Ijtema (World Congregation) at Tongi begins on 25th January 2008

Landscape- Turag river

Floating restaurants - other side of road along Turag river

Ijtema venue beside Turag river at Tongi

Ahsania Mission Cancer Hospital at Uttara under construction - emerging from people's participation

One of several floating bridges to reach venue - constructed by Bangladesh army
'badna'- small plastic pitcher with slender spout
Matress for Tabligi Jamaat
Self help
Cooking by group members


Group discussion
Venue for participation in Tafsir, Boyan - to know the inner meaning of Islam
Entire area under light hessian cover
View of the total area
Lasting for three days, Ijtema, from 25th January 2008 is expected to be attended by nearly 3 million Muslims, making it the second largest congregation after the Hajj to Mecca. Devotees from approximately 80 countries, including the host country attend Ijtema participating in Tafsir, Boyan - to know the inner meaning of Islam and seeking divine blessings of Allah. The program concludes on 28th with the Akheri Munajat, or final prayer.


Shireen said...

What a beautiful site for the Tablighi Jamat Ijtema.

Lovely Emerald green by the the Turag River! Floating Bridges what an interesting idea.

Shireen said...

Floating restuarants!

Anonymous said...

cool pictures!

Anonymous said...

May Allah reward you for this photo journalism. May Allah give you TAUFIC to do more to bring the message of Ijtema to wider audience.