Friday, January 25, 2008

Street Scene 2008



Crows, Moghbazar

Moghbazar footbridge

Banglamotor footbridge

Paribagh footbridge

Little bua


Paan-cigarette wala
Dhanmandi R/A


All on wheels, Old Dhaka

Home bound passengers

Painful wait of job seekers for the Gulf States - a common sight near hotel Sonargaon
Horse cart in old Dhaka

Horse cart at Sheraton hotel

Bargain for a trip (khep)
No accordion..

Overused broom
Graffiti - by picchis (street urchins) on wall at Panthapath
Scared to cross street at SAARC fountain

Street dog seems well fed
Having a close shave!
Long wait at traffic signal

Asad Ave gas station
Square hospital
Nazrul Islam Ave

Apartments in Green road
Somewhere near Shyamali
Walso tower, Paribagh

Fountain at Gulistan intersection


Anonymous said...

Great to see the wonderful pictures of Dhaka from thousand miles away.

Api said...

The two horse carriage pictures look wonderful, side by side. Feels like the sculpture suddenly came to life.

rumi said...

little bua, message, overused brush are good frames

rumi said...

what happend to the pigeon? the wall painting by tokais are very interesting, almost prehistoric.

rumi said...

the pictures under the two pedestrian bridges at banglamotor and moghbazar make dhaka look like some european city. the appartments with helicopter overhead is too good to be in dhaka.

Shireen said...

street graffiti by urchins! what a story each little young life must have, growing up on the streets of Dhaka.

Nadera said...

Nice pictures! Wow, Dhaka has changed so much...Don't think I can recognize anyplace when I go there.