Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gabtali to Savar


Gabtali bus stand

Aminbazaar bridge

Turag river below

Old abandoned bridge at Aminbazaar on left - truss bridge on screw piles, around 1910's

Turag river south

Turag river - north of Gabtali

Sand collection by trawlers

Mirpur Mazar Area in the background

Novel design of a gas station

Mosque along Savar road

Brick fields

Star fruit, Carambola - 'Kamranga'

Savar street market

Savar Cantonment gate

Winter birds over lake, Jahangir Nagar, Savar


Shireen said...

'karambola'! Now that brought back some awesome memories. Always wondered what it was called.


Ershad Ahmed said...

glad to have you back in the blog again.

Shireen said...

Nice to be back, Ershad Bhai. I was travelling in the Mid East.

I wish somebody like you would start a blog for Chittagong too. I miss that city so much too.How green and beautiful it was in the 60's.


wonderful photographs...like a painting and a wonderful blog...thanks
deo prakash

Ershad Ahmed said...

thanks mr choudhury.

Narmadi said...

Thanks for stopping by...but you have visit in english version at