Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dhaka Mosques

Baitul Mukarram: The National Mosque Bangladesh located at the heart of Dhaka was founded in 1960 designed by architect Abdul Hussain Thariani. Mosque without a dome over the roof of its main prayer resembles the Ka’abah in Mecca. About 100’ high the area of the main prayer hall is 26,517 square feet with a mezzanine floor of 1,840 square feet at the eastern side. The hall is surrounded by verandas on three of its sides. The shahan on the east is 29,000 square feet with ablution space on its south and north sides. Under Saudi finance, beautification and expansion of mosque is going on. Two new Minars 150’ high are now under construction in the new plan.

Mosque National Monument Savar

New Market Mosque

Karwanbazar Mosque

Dhaka university Mosque

Lalbagh Shahi Mosque

The Minaret through Lalbagh Fort South East gate

Mosque Sayedabad

Minaret, Shaheed Mosque, Chowkbazar

In the narrow lane of old Dhaka, amid the dense brick and concrete jungles of city stands graciously two marvellous mosques, the Star Mosque and Koshaituli Mosque.

Star Mosque (pics from unknown website)

Koshaituli Mosque

The inscriptions on the mosque (left pic) express the name as "Qassabtuly Jame Masjid (Hijri 1338) now referred as Koshaituli Mosque, is the most ornate mosques in Old Dhaka. The exquisitely beautiful mosque surface is done with coloured broken pieces of ceramic or chini-tikri. The Mihrab's decoration (right pic) is characterised by floral motifs rising from vases and gives an overall impression of dazzling yellow, green, blue, pink and brown. It's artistic designs and decorative ingenuity of exquisite fineness, although an influence of Persian origin, takes the pride of indigenous skill. (also see Dhaka through the ages...)

Lalbagh Qilla Mosque

Ancient Nayabad Mosque 1785
From British Collector of Dhaka Charles D'oyly's sketches:

Syeff Khan mosque, 1814

Husainy Dalan mosque 1829

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