Sunday, November 12, 2006

Curzon Hall- Science building of Dhaka University

Curzon Hall front view (1904-08)

Assembly Hall inside view

Curzon Hall rear view

Curzon Hall: As one of the consequences of ‘Bengal Partition’ movement of 1905, the construction of Curzon Hall started in 1904 and ended in 1908. In February of 1904, Viceroy Lord Curzon paid a visit to Dhaka and put a foundation stone in his name there to build a library for Dhaka College. At that time a new building was also required to shift the College there. This became Dhaka College’s Grand Assembly Hall. Beside the Hall, 18 rooms were built in the main structure with a total cost of Tk 3 lakhs.

The vastness of the whole area of Curzon Hall is imperceivable from outside. Several playing fields, flowerbeds and a big pond inside it, make it a rare site in present Dhaka city. The entire structure is made of red bricks. The building architecture carries the impressions of English and sub-continental Mughal styles.

After annulment of ‘Partition’ Dhaka University was founded in 1921, and the Dhaka College was transferred elsewhere. Curzon Hall was made over to Dhaka University. The classes of Physics Department were held here. Renowned physicist Prof. Satyendranath Bose (his quantum theory led to Bose-Einstein condensate), Dr. Kazi Motahar Hossain, Khandakar Mokarram Hossain, Dr. Innas Ali and many other renowned professors taught here.

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